Jungle Mist Orchids plant availability

Chysis bractescens 3″ hanging baskets nbs $15

Chysis costaricensis 3″ hanging baskets nbs $15

Drac. lotax ‘jungle mist’ am/aos 2″ bs  $30

Dracula felix 3″ hanging baskets $20

Dracula cordobae 3″ hanging baskets  $20

Dracula polyphemus ‘hawk hill’ am/aos  3″ hanging baskets  $40

Dracula Diana 3″ hanging baskets $20

Paph. delenatii x sib 2” pots, nbs $10

Cattleya loddegissii 3″ pots $10

Cattleya leopoldii v. alba 2″ pots $10

liparis aurantiaca  2″ pots $10

Paph. appletonianum 2″ pots nbs $10

Bulb. dearii  3″ pots $18

Bulb. lobbii  3″ pots  $15

Bulb. sumatranum 3″ pots  $18

Bulb. appendiculatum  2″ pots $15

Bulb. falacatum 3″ hanging baskets $20

Bulb. saurosephalum 2″ pots $15

Bulb. biflorum 2″ pots $15

Bulb. longissimum 2″ pots $20

Bulb. coccinum 2″ pots $15

Bulb. dennissii 2″ pots $15

Coel. mooreana  4″ pots $25

Coel. ovalis 4″ pots $15

Coel. tomentosa 4″ pots $25

Coel. ovalis x pandrata 4″ pots $25

Den. loddegissii 2″ pots $10

Den. chrysoerephis 2″ pots $15

Den. polysema 4″ pots $20

Epi. porpax 2″ pots $10

Encyclia garcianum 2″ pots $10

Kiefersteinia costaricensis 2″ pots $15

Dendrobium polysema 4″ pots $15

Lycaste macrophylla 3″ hanging baskets $15

Pleur. restrepoides 2″ pots $10

Restrepia brachypus 2″ pots $10

Angraecum distichum 2″ pots $15


Cymbidium seedlings 5” pots (all seedlings are $20 per plant plus $2 per spike)

Cym. (enzan shining ‘royale flame’ x mighty tracy ‘eruption’) #2 x (kusuda shining ‘V.E Day’ x Karen ‘tikitere’)#9 (scented)

Cym. (kusuda shining ‘V.E Day’ x Karen ‘tikitere)#1 x ( sib) #2 on #1

Cym. sanderae (parishii) ‘Emma Menninger’ 4n x rosy cloud

Cym. rosy cloud x valerie absolonova ‘#1’

Cym. (mimi ‘mary bea’ am/aos x happy hooker ‘ruby’ ad/csa) x (sanderae (parishii) ‘Emma Menninger’ 4n)

Cym. Sanderae (parishii)  ‘emma menninger’ 4n x rosy cloud

Cym. balkis ‘nevada’ x peterborough #1

Cym. (sleeping lamb x fanfare) x Valerie Absolonova #9

Cym. rosy cloud ‘paradise’ x streek hawk ‘kanehoa’

Cym. Monterey sunset ‘new horizon’

Cym. black panther #1 x Valerie Absolonova #12

Cym. LB1548(brandywine ‘yowie’ x ) x Valerie Absolonova #43

Cym. pixie dust 4n

Cym. golden elf ‘sundust’ 4n x tracyanum album 4n

Cym. LD33(unknown cream white from Lloyd D.) x villareal ‘gail’

Cym. Gladys Whitesell ‘salinas’ 4n x peter pan ‘greensleeves’ 4n

Cym. (Joycelyn Brooke x green santa) #3 x runaway ‘black eyes’

Cym. dolly ‘featherhill’ 4n x sleeping nymph ‘glacier’

bs=blooming size

nbs=non-bloomng size

All plants are seedlings unless otherwise noted. Prices do not include shipping or handling. Not all plants are flowering, please inquire about specifics. We also offer flasks and community pots from our breeding program from time to time. Please inquire about availability.

We charge a small handling fee of $10 for orders over $100. This helps us pay for the boxes and associated materials and helps keep plant prices down.

All orders will be shipped Fedex 2day air unless other arrangements are made prior to your order being shipped. We ship Mondays – Wednesdays.